Friday, December 21, 2012

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5 Things I Learned While Shooting My Low Budget Short Film | Justin Minich
| No Film School
1. Do the Budget Yourself
On small indie projects, everyone in the crew usually ends up wearing a variety of hats. Of the various roles I took on, the one that I found to be particularly instructive was that of the Unit Production Manager; that crew member who – among other things – writes up the budget.

How To Light An Interview For $26 | StillMotionBlog
Seriously, you should have seen Patrick when we gave him $26 and sent him to Home Depot – he was like a kid on Christmas morning! ;)We wanted to show you that great interview lighting can be achieved on almost nothing (you can judge for yourself in our example).

Uncoated Samyang Lens Test | Cinescopophilia
The uncoated Samyang lenses are a great solution for achieving lens flare and a more vintage look using low-cost DSLR lenses according to Shoot Blue. All lenses are fully manual ‘cine-style’ and fitted with focus & iris gear rings. Set includes 14mm, 24mm & 35mm focal lengths.

Adobe Acquires Behance with Hopes of Making Creative Cloud More Social
| Michael Zhang | Peta Pixel
I'd never even head of Behance. At first I thought Adobe had entered into a deal with the singer...I must be getting old:
A major event occurred today in the creative industry landscape: Adobe has acquired Behance, a juggernaut portfolio-sharing service used by many photographers to showcase their work.Based in New York, Behance has been growing like a weed since it launched back in 2006, and last month served upwards of 90 million views of the 3 million projects and 30 million images it hosts.

Canon Supposedly Fixes C300 Color Fringing, but Good Luck Getting the Firmware Update | Joe Marine | No Film School
Now we have confirmation that Canon has a firmware update that supposedly fixes this issue, but not only are you going to have a tough time getting it, but you might even have a hard time getting a Canon representative to acknowledge that it exists.

EOSHD’s top 5 cameras of 2012 | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Not sure what the criteria was for this list, other than that the camera use a lens...
The $699 RX100 was easily the most powerful camera per square inch and per dollar in 2012. Of course you are stuck with the zoom lens, but it is a rather good one. Image quality in stills mode is similar to the class leading Canon G1X but the RX100 is more innovative. It is smaller, genuinely pocketable, even walletable. Better lens, higher resolution, RGBW screen, faster AF and better video mode.

Six Tips for Shooting Great Holiday Videos | Riley Hooper | Vimeo
We've made a list. We've checked it twice. And it contains six tips that will help turn your holiday video into an artfully captured, skillfully edited memory to cherish forever. Whether you're a novice with a point-and-shoot, a regular ol' iPhoner, or a pro with a DSLR, follow these simple tips to master the art of the holiday video. Consider it our gift to you. You're welcome.

Hope You’re Ready For Even Higher Frame Rates | Scott Beggs
| Film School Rejects
The bottom line here is that higher frame rates are like other advancements, there will be a short period while the technology ramps up to meet expectations. That goes for all elements of the process becoming better (including make-up effects) in order to pivot toward the strengths of 48 or 60FPS. If that happens, if 48FPS becomes the go-to for most directors, hopefully our eyes will adjust and it will be like adding color to a black-and-white world.

Foxconn buys 9 percent stake in GoPro for $200 million | Terrence O'Brien
| Engadget
Hon Hai Precision, better known as Foxconn, is already the world's largest electronics manufacturer. Chances are if you've got a laptop, console or smartphone it was assembled in one of the company's many Chinese factories. 

California lost $3 billion in film crew wages from 2004 to 2011, report says
| Richard Verrier | Los Angeles Times
California lost $3 billion in wages from 2004 to 2011 because of film and TV production flocking to other states and countries, a new study concludes.

Featured Filmmaker ~ Isaac Broyden | Zacuto
Short interview with a 14-year old filmmaker:
I have always been interested in movies, particularly stunts in movies because my Dad, Jimmy Broyden, is a veteran Canadian stuntman and stunt coordinator of 20 years. I have been performing stunts ever since I can remember but I started to be interested in filmmaking when my Dad would get me to sit with him and study stunts in movies. 

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