Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Can Independent Film Be an Addiction? | Scott Macaulay | Filmmaker Magazine
When confronted with this thought, my immediate answer to myself is, independent film is an addiction! The problem is, we’re addicted to making it, not that other people are addicted to watching it.
But what if we stole a page from video game designers or the cliffhangers of cable drama? What would we have to do to make independent film an ingrained activity? An addiction?

What is the Big Deal About H.265 or HEVC Anyway? | Cinescopophilia
Poor old Fugly H.264, that brown paper bag wearing misfit is getting pushed out the door as the ugly lights are turned on. You’re going home with a new partner that H.265 in the corner you have had your eye on all night. High Efficiency Video Coding HEVC or MPEG-H Part 2 is the follow up to H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC Advanced Video Coding standard for video compression.

FCP X 10.0.6: Sharing Made Simpler | IAIN ANDERSON | MacProVideo
Prior to Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6, the Share menu existed on its own and let you convert your project into one or many kinds of outputs, one at a time. You had to send an entire project (a huge issue for many editors) and you had to wait for the export to complete before you could continue. All that just changed with 10.0.6.

How to send clips from FCPX to Adobe After Effects / Motion 5 | Final Cut Pro
| Dan Allen | YouTube
A tutorial looking at how to send clips from FCPX to Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion.

Canon EOS-6D Digital SLR: First Look: Adorama Photography TV
| Richard Harrington | YouTube
Richard unpacks the Canon 6D, and then takes some test pictures and shoots a little video with it. A gentle introduction to the camera.

Canon EOS 6D Rating by DXOMark | CanonRumors
From DXOMark DXO has released their impressions of the Canon EOS 6D pretty quickly. The camera receives a sensor score 82, which is on part with most of the Canon lineup.

Mac Users Rejoice: An Actual Shipping Thunderbolt Docking Station Goes On Sale Tomorrow | DARRELL ETHERINGTON | Tech Crunch
After a lengthy delay, there will finally be a Thunderbolt expansion dock ready for actual purchase tomorrow, according to MacRumors. The Matrox DS1, first unveiled back in June and then updated in September, will be a real shipping device beginning tomorrow, with a $249 price tag.

Why I love Lightworks | Fran De Souza | Red Shark News
It’s when you come to trimming on the timeline that you fully realize the difference between Lightworks and other NLEs.
Editing in Lightworks is like putting your hands on a real roll of film or a videotape, even if you don't have a Lightworks Console (like me). Using the keyboard and the mouse, you also can feel the "organic" thing; the  real thing, like using a VCR's shuttle control, the play/pause buttons, and so on.

MoChat 23 Transcript & Summary | Paul Conigliaro | Motion League
Last night on #MoChat we were fortunate enough to have Mary Poplin, Ross Shain, and Martin Brennand from Imagineer Systems with us to talk about motion tracking, and mocha in particular. If you’re not familiar with it, mocha is a planar tracking system which tracks 2D planes instead of small points. At the end of the chat, Andres Arosemena won a seat of Mocha Pro for correctly answering the trivia question “What was the first Imagineer product to introduce Planar Tracking?” (mokey)

Holiday 2012: Digitizing Your Analog Media | Brian Klem | B & H Photo
This holiday article includes a variety of tools and technologies that allow you to convert your analog media into a digital formats. The first two sections deal with the transfer of film negatives, slides and traditional paper photos to digital files. The next section provides options for converting your audio cassettes into digital formats. The fourth section deals with the transfer of VHS video to DVD. 

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