Friday, July 06, 2012

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Canon C300 large sensor camera: the budget Alexa? | David Fox | TVB Europe
A round-up of views on the Canon C300 from European DPs:
"Buying the first of anything is always a bit of a gamble,” but it has paid off, because the C300 is now flavour of the moment and is “perfect for TV”.
He [DoP Tim Sutton] didn’t consider buying any other large-format camera at the time as nothing else ticked all the boxes for picture quality, usability, cost and specification -- mainly the TV friendly codec. “It delivers good looking pictures, is easy to use and producers are not bewildered with yet another format or codec given the C300’s workflow is identical to that of the XF305.”

Hands on report on the BlackMagic Cinema Camera | Matt Battershell | Planet5D
Matt got to see the BlackMagic Cinema Camera prototype, and is very excited about the camera:
I was never too worried about my pre-order on faith, never having touched the camera nor seen really many samples, but now, I am not worried in the least. I’m excited. The quality, DR, noise and sharpness are cinema in nature, the FOV was not as bad as I was thinking based on everyone’s talk and worry. I’m going to have a go with my 16-35 L 2.8 and probably get a Samyang 24 1.4. I may not have the camera as soon as I want, shipping is going to be a little crazy, but we must have patience.

Firmware Version 3.3 | RED Digital Cinema | Vimeo
RED releases a video showing the new features in their latest firmware release for the Red and Scarlet:
Some of the features included in this tutorial are:
Pro I/O Integration, True Frame Rate and Shutter, Soft Keys, Group Presets, Fans / Indicators / Recording Options, Monitor Control, Audio Options

ALEXA captures the beauty of Dubai | ARRI
Babak Amini of Eclipse Production in the United Arab Emirates, offers his perspective on the ARRI Alexa in this ARRI piece:
BA: In fact my DP, Shahram Aderangui, was the person who insisted on going with ALEXA! I work as a cinematographer myself from time to time, so I could clearly recognize the many advantages of using the ALEXA system to capture our content. For example it was useful to be able to shoot at 60 fps [ALEXA now goes to 120 fps with a special license] as some of the most memorable scenes in this film were shot on a Steadicam at 60 fps and I think they look fantastic. But yes, my DP was over the moon.

Creating Fire in After Effects | Rich Young | ProVideoCoalition
A roundup of tutorials and free projects for After Effects:
Attempts at creating fire in After Effects have resulted in outputs of various styles and quality. Projects have used CC Particle World, Fractal Noise, and other tools built into AE, 3rd party plug-ins, and composited stock footage often used as a particle source.

Why All Acoustic Foams Are Not Created Equal | Mike Sorensen | Audio Undone
A round-up of different sound absorbing materials:
There are many sound absorbing products currently in the marketplace. One popular technology is acoustic foam. This lightweight foam can easily be manufactured into many different sizes and designs. It comes in two flavors: open cell and closed cell. These terms refer to the manufacturing method used to produce the foam. Open cell foam has pores or open areas in the surface of the foam. Closed cell foam is exactly what the name specifies−the cells used to produce the foam are actually closed and sealed. Each type of foam has different absorption properties.

First Slow Motion Test 240 FPS | markinmaine | YouTube
Another slow-motion video from the Sony NEX-FS700:
First Slow Motion shots with the new Sony NEX FS700. I think I will be sleeping with this camera for the next few weeks as I get ready to use it on a feature length film called Dark Minds.

Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II Delayed Again | CanonRumors
Another Canon lens is delayed:
Contrary to what I was told recently by a few retailers, Canon has delayed the release of the EF 24-70 f/2.8L II again. This time until mid September 2012. The reason for the delay is said to be for “final adjustments in production”.

Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets | Digital Heaven
An ebook on Final Cut Pro 7 is now free:
Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets is an eBook packed with the hottest tips and time saving techniques for editors using Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier. Written in a clear and accessible style, its 10 chapters cover a comprehensive range of subjects including capturing, importing, editing, effects, audio and exporting.

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