Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Apple TVs are disappearing from shelves, could see an update next month as well | Seth Weintraub | 9to5 Mac
There are rumors of an iPad 3 announcement in early March, and now the AppleTV is disappearing from stores too:
But we also learned of another Apple Jxx product, the next AppleTV, codenamed J33 in the 5.1B software. Perhaps besides both showing up in iOS 5.1 software, the Jxx devices are also A6 devices?

Episode 41: The fallout from Bunim Murray’s NLE choice
| The Terence and Philip Show
Everyone's talking about Avid's recent profit as though this indicates a big turnaround, yet don't forget that just back in November they had a lay off of 750 staff. I think it will be another couple of years before we really know what happened in the NLE market:
Starting with the decision to go to Media Composer at Bunim Murray, Terence and Philip discuss the state of NLEs today and the business behind them. Its a long show and it covers a lot.

Casey Warren of Mindcastle on Crossing the 180 (#58) | Dare Dreamer
Podcast interview with a videographer that made the switch from weddings to commercial work:
Today on the show we have the cinematic mind behind Mindcastle Films, Casey Warren. In a just seven years, Casey’s company has gone from shooting primarily weddings and personal events, to a world-renowned studio that now primarily does commercial work for such companies as Canon, ESPN and Major League Baseball. He has a signature style born from a photography background that has won him filmmaking fans worldwide.

Bringing back the DVD | Sridhar M. Reddy | Blog
In his blog for his horror film Lilth, filmmkaer Reddy defends the extras on DVDs:
Watching a DVD with tons of special features is, for me, a huge treat. Maybe it’s because I’m a filmmaker and I love to learn about production and the magic of movie making. I love to know what goes into making a vision a reality - hence this blog. A lot of this blog wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t spend hours watching DVD features.

DIY Sony EX3 Shouldermount/ Protech st7 type | Vincent Slangen | CreativeCOW
Interesting DIY build rig to convert a Sony PMW-EX3 into a shoulder-mount camera:
After I decided with measurements the mount should have I bought some Aluminum 6mm thick. I cut the plates in halfway in order to bend them in the right shape. I am a lucky person that I have the skill and the equipment to weld the aluminum back together where it was cut. For people that do not please look at the internet en find out about Durafix for soldering aluminum is should do the job as well.

Romance of the Light | James Miller | Vimeo
Ethereal video shot using the Canon C300:
Filmed on the Canon EOS C300. Supplied very kindly by Guy Thatcher at
LOG profile used at 5800K ISO 850 - 2000
Lenses: Nikon 28mm 2.8, 35mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8
Very light blanket grade added on encoding to Vimeo, untouched in edit.
Location: Brighton, UK

What people think editors do | Alanedit
Amusing little poster:

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