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Review of the RED Scarlet-X | Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip risks the wrath of RED fanboys by reviewing the Scarlet. He says it's mostly positive:
Unfortunately the cool feature from the Epic, that is HDR-X, the ability to capture two streams of information at a different exposure simultaneously to create a much higher dynamic range, is missing in 4k. It only appears at 3k and even then only for 24p, not 25p.

The camera shoots up to 5k and when it does that the part of the sensor used is larger than super 35mm. More like APS-H. Unfortunately it is useful for nothing more than stills or timelapse as its fastest frame rate is 12FPS. Although you can get away with a little video with it if you need it as you can see in my test video.

Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II | CanonRumors
Rumors of a new 24-70 lens from Canon have been circulating for as long as the rumors of a 5D Mark III, and many think it will be available as a kit with the 5D III too. If it has an 82mm filter, then that's wider than the current model [77mm], but the same size as the current 16-35mm. A little more costly too at $1799-1899.

Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 – official! | EOSHD
Another low-light wonder for Micro-Four Thirds from Cosina:
Cosina are releasing a sister lens for the 50mm equivalent Micro Four Thirds 25mm Nokton F0.95.

The new lens will be equivalent to 35mm on full frame and features the same incredible aperture of F0.95 for extra depth of field control and low light performance on the GH2 and other Micro Four Third (MFT) cameras.

Eastern State Penitentiary - Canon C300 | Kevin Ritchie | Vimeo
A nice video shot with the C300. A separate version with ISO and grade/ungraded examples can be seen here: Eastern State Penitentiary Canon C300 - Canon Log w/ ISO Data
I spent about 2 hours wandering around Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA with my Canon C300. I wasn't looking to test anything in particular, more just become familiar with the camera. I shot Canon Log the entire shoot and varied my ISO from 850 to 6400.

I was very impressed with the form factor of the camera. The EVF is very sharp and easy to focus. The LCD is bright and usable in daylight. As far as I can tell there is no moire. The camera has an extremely clean image to 2500, with acceptable noise to 6400.

Kicking the tires on the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Multicam update | Scott Simmons
| ProVideoCoalition
Scott takes a look at the new multicam feature:
Don’t believe everything you read about the new FCPX multicam. It is good, well thought out and it presents a whole new set of tools when dealing with multicam setup that makes it the leader of the pack. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say Apple reinvented multicam editing with this release I would say they rethought it.
For a tutorial on how multicam works: FCPX INs and OUTs - Multicam Part ONE | Andy Neil | Creative COW

Final Cut Pro 7 crashing? The solution – update FCP7 when Final Cut Pro X is already installed | Nino Leitner | Nino
If you are doing a new install of Final Cut Studio 7, then install Final Cut Studio XFCP7 will get moved into a folder, which means that Software Update won't see FCP7 and update the FCP7 apps. This article explains how to fix that:
The solution is quite simple – temporarily re-name your new versions of Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Motion and Qmaster to “Final Cut Pro X”, “Compressor X” and so on, and move all the legacy apps from that Final Cut Studio folder back to the Applications folder. Then run Software Update. It will immediately recognize the files and suggest a Pro Video update which updates Final Cut Pro 7 to version 7.0.3 – the last version it will ever see.

UPDATE of G-LOG Profiles Version 1.1 | Frank Glencairn | Blog
Frank has updated his popular G-Log for the Sony NEX-FS100:
Fist of all: Thanks to all for that positive feedback and all the brave folks who tried my G-Log profiles. After gaining more understanding what the “color depth” actually does, here are the new profiles for G-Log (1.1).

Video Feeds and 'Unvarnished Truth': Hidden Cameras Capture 'Hell's Kitchen'
| James Careless |
A little background on the making of Hell's Kitchen: The most amazing thing? The Sony BRC-H700's they use so many of, cost $7,000 a piece!
To accomplish this goal, Weed employs 69 Sony BRC-H700 robotic pan/tilt/zoom HD cameras. These are scattered around the Hell's Kitchen complex, with many hidden behind one-way glass to provide unnoticed surveillance. (Twenty-six of these units are IR-capable for night shots.)

TUTORIAL: Maya 101: Intro to Maya | Daniel Reynolds | YouTube
It's not really directly video related, but here's a 17 minute tutorial on Maya 3D:
Welcome to 3d! In this Maya tutorial, we get you up and running in Maya 2012. We will create a cute little sword to demonstrate certain principles in the world of 3d. Enjoy!

Adobe Creative Cloud to be priced at $49.99 monthly, includes Creative Suite 6 and Lightroom 4 | Jacob Schulman | The Verge
More on Adobe's subscription plans:
Later in the first half of 2012, Adobe will introduce Creative Cloud, an end-to-end service offering that will grant users access to its upcoming Creative Suite 6 apps and provide ancillary services starting at $49.99 a month if you commit to a one year contract.

New WOC Hot Shoe Adapter For Sony NEX 5N. Under $40 | Wide Open Camera
WOC is looking at making a hot shoe for the Sony NEX-5N that's only $40:
The biggest downfall of this camera is the proprietary Sony flash mount. It limits the available on camera accessories to expensive Sony products to the tune of $129 for a hot shoe adapter for the Sony Nex 7. We decided to make our own. Dave Aldrich of Design By Dave on Twitter helped make our idea a reality.

Accusys A08S-PS RAID PCI Express | Steve Douglas | Ken Stone Final Cut Pro site
A review of this $3,000 enclosure and PCI card (drives not included!):
By now you should be assured that this is one wickedly fast RAID suitable either for individuals or companies working within a SAN. During the testing and the time I spent with it, it left me impressed on all levels. My contact with both the marketing and support personnel was most rewarding and educational. Support for the ACCUSYS RAID is provided by the dealer's representing ACCUSYS.

SONY HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer Review | Marshal Rosenthal | Gadget Review
A review of the Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer [$799.99], which doesn't appear to be available yet:
Putting the Sony on for the first time is a bit involved because a correct fit is vital to seeing a uniform image. Place it on your head as if it was a catcher’s mitt or, for those less sports inclined, as if you were putting on a baseball cap starting from behind the crown of your head. Pull the Viewer forward and down until your nose meets the bridge at the front. Now you make two adjustments — one changing the distance between the two lenses and the front of your eyes using push-in tabs for forward/backward movement; then readjusting the clips attached to a plastic strap framework that grips the side of your head.

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