Monday, September 05, 2011

Sony News

There's been a lot of Sony news over the last few days, a lot of it to do with the new NEX-5N. The Sony NEX5NK/S is shipping and lots of interesting users reports are appearing, but there's also some new information about the NEX-FS100.

FS100 and AF100 compared | Barry Green | DVXUser
Barry Green has posted a fairly extensive comparison of the Sony NEX-FS100 and Panasonic AG-AF100, and finds them to be virtually identical in performance:
4. Performance: I'm sure this will surprise some folks, but I've been exhaustively testing these units, and the result is: these cameras are so close in performance that it's really not even worth doing a whole raft of charts and graphs. I mean, I've done those tests, and really it's nitpicking to choose between them; especially after grading the footage, you can make them look virtually identical. And besides, people usually complain about charts and want to see “real world” footage.
If you're trying to decide between the two, the article is well worth reading.

Quick review: Sony NEX-FS100 | M U R P H Y 24p
Short impressions on the NEX-FS100. This user loves the viewfinder and kit lens (which many others don't!)
  • I love the view-finder screen; so much flexibility and beautifully clear.
  • The ‘kit’ lens that comes with it is a little slow, but still does really well. I’m curious to see it’s capabilities once we add some good Canon glass (coming soon!).

Sony NEX FS100 - Thoughts and ideas | Jared Adamo | Flapon
Jared posts his initial thoughts on the NEX-FS100. He likes the kit lens too!
Positives: The Kit lens, despite the rumors, is actually quite good for a general all-rounder. I was expecting the HATE it, and have to suffer through till the Berge adapter was released so I could use my Canon glass... but the Sony lens is alright. I'll probably always have it around in those situations were I just want something generic.

I'm also quite impressed how close you can get to subject matter and keep focus as well. It says .5 of a metre, but that's to the sensor, not the end of the lens. So you can get right up on something for detail if you want.
NOTE: His post is on a site called Flapon, which I've never encountered before, and so far, I'm not liking it. After displaying a post for about ten seconds, it comes up with a registration form that it appears you can close to continue reading, but immediately take you to a sign-up page.
- I didn't.

Sony NEX-FS100 and HDMI Clarified | Jeff Lee | CineTechnica
This information about the HDMI signal out of the NEX-FS100 appears to be the same information as the posting made to the CineAlta Blog last week (see: Sony NEX-FS100 News).

FS100 5DMkII AF100 - Cinematic Comparison | Magnanimous Media | Vimeo
"This comparison is a simple practical application of the three different cameras. Crop factor is not addressed, but is sometimes a benefit to the AF or FS in detail shots."

Andrew Reid at EOSHD has an NEX-5N, and been doing a lot of experimenting with it:

NEX 5N ‘easter egg’ found to increase video quality | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew thinks that the Sunset picture profile might be useful for more than tourist videos:
The 5N’s Sunset picture profile is designed to give smooth gradated tones to mimic the look of 10bit on an 8bit codec.

This is the first time such a DSLR picture profile has been made this way and the results are stunning. Yes it is a consumer feature, for tourists to shoot nicer skies. And yes as you’d expect it does give a image and accentuate scarlets but you can compensate this with a cooler white balance or in your grading. I actually prefer a warmer image for 80% of what I do anyway.

Sony NEX 5N review and video footage | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
First impressions, sample video and a comparsion with the Panasonic GH2
There is absolutely no doubt that Sony have produced a dark horse here, at this price and position in the range. It offers the biggest amount of bang per square inch and per dollar that I have ever seen. Due to it’s size and compatibility out of the box with PL mount lenses, it could also replace a director’s viewfinder with a digital equivalent.

Sony Nex5N First Thoughts. It’s A Toy | Jared Abrams | WideOpenCamera
The image quality might be okay, but Jared didn't have a great first impression of the camera:
There is no real Hot Shoe mount and it has the most annoying interface with “Happy Time” icons. The flip out screen looks like it will break very easily and the flash mount cover will also be gone in sixty seconds.

Sony Nex 5N Camera Test Video | Jared Abrams | WideOpenCamera
A follow-up to his first post:
The new Sony Nex-5N camera is a killer little interchangeable lens camera.
This article goes into some depth about the problems of dealing with 60p footage in Final Cut, and also lists the cons for the NEX-5N.

Sony Nex 5N ECM-SST1 Stereo Mic Test | Jared Abrams | WideOpenCamera
I'm not sure I'd expect a $90 microphone from Sony - especially one that looks like that, and is intended for consumer cameras - to be that good. But Jared tried the ECM-SST1 out on the NEX-5N, and confirms that; it's not that good.

Note that this camera does not have a regular audio-in jack, and this mic uses an unusual attachment exclusive to Sony's cameras (of course) so as Jared notes, it's about your only other option:
It’s better than nothing. However this camera will work best with a separate sound system like the Zoom H4n.
B & H : Sony ECM-SST1

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