Saturday, February 05, 2011

3D News

3D Blu-ray popular in Japan and growing in the UK
Japanese research firm BCN reports 57% of all Blu-ray units sold before Christmas were 3D-enabled. Meanwhile Sky UK's 3D channel has more than 70,000 subscribers and some 140,000 British homes are equipped with 3D TV’s.
Blu-ray Disc ReporterBlu-ray 3D demand booms in Japan

Attaching the Panasonic VW-CLT1 3D Conversion Lens
Colin Barrett at SimplyDV has put together a video that shows the process of attaching the VW-CLT1 3D conversion lens to the Panasonic HDC-TM900 and aligning it. This involves first screwing the attachment to the front of the camera, and then manually adjusting the lens alignment; which he demonstrates in the video. It's not terribly complex, but it does take a few moments.

Panasonic VW-CLT1

Colin seems to think that the optional 3D converter is a great way to get your feet wet in 3D without having to dive in to a full 3D camera (like the Sony HDR-TD10 or JVC GS-TD1.) Admittedly, you can get this lens and a recorder for $400 cheaper than the HDR-TD10 BUT there are pros and cons to consider with the VW-CLT1 solution:

  • VW-CLT1 and camera may cost several hundred dollars cheaper; depending upon the base HD camera you buy to go with it.
  • Once removed from the camera, the HD camera is a "normal" size and shape
  • If 3D doesn't take off, you can just leave the lens in the box
  • Resolution is half that of the Sony & JVC*
  • With lens attached, the camera becomes almost as large and awkward as the other cameras
  • Fixed focal length (the Sony and JVC offer 10x and 5x optical zoom)
  • The lens seems to be susceptible to flexing
  • If you buy with the TM900, the price difference is only $150
* The Panasonic solution records the stereo images side-by-side on a single HD frame. The Sony & JVC cameras record full frames (one after the other) from both lenses.

Both the Sony and JVC cameras can record in 2D; but they are larger to carry around if it turns out you hardly ever use the 3D feature.

Sony HDR-TD10

Of course, if you already have a Panasonic video camera, then buying the lens makes sense. But if you're thinking about trying out 3D and don't have a Panasonic camera, buying this lens and a camera vs buying the Sony or JVC isn't such an easy choice, unless you're only criteria is price.

B & HHDC-TM900 High Definition Camcorder [$999.00]
B & HPanasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Camcorder (SDT750 & VW-CLT1) [$1,068.97]
B & H: Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D Camcorder [$1,498.00]
Amazon: Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom [$1,498.00]
B & H: JVC GS-TD1 Full HD 3D Camcorder [$1,699.00]

SinplyDVPanasonic HDC-TM900: Affixing the VW-CLT1 3D conversion lens

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