Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why I like YouTube

Yesterday I went to upload a demo movie (the clicking audio clip) and decided to put it up at Vimeo. But after it finished uploading, I'm presented with a screen saying that the processing of the movie won't start for an hour and 33 seconds - BUT if you're a Vimeo Plus member, you get moved to the front of the line.

Popped over to my YouTube account, uploaded the video there, it took a few more minutes to process (it's a very short movie!) and it was up and done and the Vimeo clip still had at least another 45 minutes to go before it would be ready. I don't have a special YouTube account either.

So is the 1:00:33 a real wait time; or is it enforced to advertise the paid service? I tried a second experiment today, and got exactly the same amount of time as an estimate for the time to process...

I don't begrudge Vimeo putting their paid users first, BUT since I can go and upload it on YouTube, I don't see any real reason to wait for Vimeo.

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