Friday, August 13, 2010

Redrock Micro RunningMan

Rigs for DSLR shooters range in size, functionality and cost, with high-end manufacturers like Zacuto and budget places like Jag35 (you can also find even cheaper stuff on eBay!) Occupying the middle ground is Redrock, who sell a variety of units that seem to be well regarded for durability.

They have now come out with a stripped down budget rig, the RunningMan. This looks interesting because it starts at $400, with a "full kit" costing $600. Though it's been pre-announced, they haven't done a proper announcement yet; it's not on their website. It's also unclear what's included, though I don't THINK it includes a loupe; even though one is shown in the photograph above. The text says it includes the microFinder loupe accessory, which is actually just an attachment for keeping a loupe connected to your camera.

Cost wise, it certainly looks interesting, though with most rigs, I think you need to try them out to see if they feel comfortable and fit your way of working.

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming shortly. Redrock Micro RunningMan Debuts on PhotoCineNews
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