Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rules of Video Production

  • Why does the special piece of equipment you ordered only arrive one day after you need it?

  • Why is it that when you've cut out all the fluff, and half the stuff you wanted to keep, the program is still one minute too long?

  • Why does one of the sequences always go missing?

  • Why is the camera never rolling during the best take of the day?

  • Why are problems with the script only identified during editing?

  • Why is it that only after you finish fixing it in post do you realize it would have been faster and easier to reshoot?

  • Why is it that effects can make a good clip great, but they can't make a bad clip average?

  • Why does upgrading software in the middle of a project never save time or make things better?

  • Why does the audience never appreciate the things you spent the most time on?

  • Why does a little music make everything ten times better?

  • Why do you have to have been there and done it, to appreciate this list?

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