Tuesday, December 29, 2009

VholdR 3300 Waterproof Case

I see that the waterproof case for the ContourHD camera is now available on Amazon....but with an expected ship date of 1 to 2 months! They also list the price at $45.84, though VholdR's own website says the list price is $39.99. (I've seen this happen before with items listed above expected price on Amazon's site prior to them actually becoming available, so hopefully things will get sorted out in the next few days/weeks.)

No sign of the Handle Bar Mount yet.


Holy said...

Well this is something new for me but would like to know more about its features, its usage, its origin. I think this is gonna be useful to me so would like to know more about it.

dsi r4

mchgtr said...

The camera, or the case? If you want to know more about the camera, you can find more (and links to other sources) in this post: Contour HD 1080

Smartphone/PDAs said...

This is a cool Waterproof Case and looks interesting