Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Canon 5D MkII, RED, YouTube goes wide

Reports are that the Canon 5D Mark II started leaving the Canon distribution centers today, though Amazon and B&H Photo still list it as unavailable or available in December. The big question (after "when will they appear in stores?") is how many do they have and how many back orders are there? If you didn't pre-order, you might not see one until January...

Adobe, meanwhile, has updated their Camera RAW plug-in to support the Canon 5D Mark II.

RED, fresh from their announcement of the DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) System back on November 13th, now say there's going to be another big announcement on December 3rd. Everything has changed... says the post.

Finally, YouTube now supports widescreen video! You can upload video that are 960 pixels wide. They also now allow you to upload a maximum of 1GB (up from 250MB) but the length of the video is still limited to 10 minutes.

I recently created a Vimeo account precisely because YouTube didn't support widescreen video. Viemo still has one leg up on Vimeo; they don't limit the video to 10 minutes in length.

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