Friday, October 10, 2008

More Canon 5D Mark II sample video

I just finished the previous post, and discovered that DPReview now has a couple of new Canon 5D Mark III sample videos up on their site: get them while they're fresh!. They are both just over 20 MB, and run at right around 39 mbits/s.

On the computer I watched these on (a lowly 1.83 GHz Mini Mac) playing in QuickTime Player, the bicycle rider plays very smoothly, but there's a strangely colored frame at 3:16 and I have no idea what's caused that. (I tired playing it on a Windows machine and see the same thing, though it's reported at 3:17!) These clips were taken with a pre-production model.
Oddly colored frame (right) in sequence

In the second clip (the street scene) the same thing happens at 4:16. Also, the pan is kinda jumpy, which I have to think is caused by the tripod rather than the camera (as the first clip doesn't seem to have that problem.)

No obvious jelly problem (but then these are fairly slow pans.)

Canon 5D Mark II HD Video samples @

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