Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're the Geeky AV Kid...

I’ll admit to being a Red One skeptic from the beginning. Maybe I just don’t like hype or freaky fan boys, but something turned me off, and I was skeptical that they could even pull it off.

But they did release their Red One 4K Camera on time, Peter Jackson is a fan, and so are others; it’s getting harder to maintain that cool indifference.

And now they have gone and announced the Scarlet, a 3K resolution camera that they expect to release next year at a price point under $3K. Not only that, it will support frame rates from 1-120fps and a 180 fps burst mode, Compact Flash storage and full manual shooting modes are promised, as well as wi-fi control (hmmm…)

It’s enough to turn the head of any skeptic; even if the design of it does look a little like some underwater diving camera. has an interview with Ted Schilowitz from Red One, who seems to think that soccer moms might want to use the camera. I’m not so sure about that; an 8X zoom seems a little on the whimpy side for them. But for independent film makers the Scarlet could be very attractive. Especially when you look at lower resolution HD cameras from Sony, Panasonic et. al. costing more than that.

And instead of the "If you were a tree" question, we get the "what kid in high school would the Red company be"....ummm, okay. Still, it's interesting to hear some of the guys thoughts on what the company is about and it's marketing, etc.

But we have to wait until next year to really know about Scarlet...

P.S. Isn’t that just the worst audio on the camcorderinfo clip? I mean, terrible. The host audio is bad, but it's even worse for the guest. These guys need to do a few articles on audio I think.

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