Thursday, August 03, 2006

DVD Duplication

I've been making copies of DVD's the last few days, and it's a slow and tedious process. It takes about 20 minutes to duplicate the DVD (which is about 3/4 full, I think.) The problem is that I wander off to do something else so I have to keep remembering to come back and switch the discs.

So I saw this thing; the Pico DVD/CD Duplicator- it's a low cost DVD/CD duplicator that has a little robot arm to load and unload the discs. The amazing part is that it's under $1,000; $699 to be exact.

I guess the downside is that it doesn't print the labels; which also takes a lot of time. Hmm..maybe I should just get them mass produced; but it's not really cost effective when you want less than 100 discs.

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Sara said...

thats one awesome dvd duplicator, is for commercial use of can us normal people buy one at a best buy.