Saturday, June 18, 2011

New "Pre-drilled" Igus Slider

Igus is a manufacturing company that sort of fell into the slider production business. I gather they discovered that they make the parts that people use to make sliders, so why not sell them themselves? They offer a variety of models through Amazon (though they aren't always in stock) and some models come pre-drilled, while others don't.

I actually bought one that wasn't pre-drilled; and it wasn't that hard to drill through the aluminum body of the slider using a large drill-bit (and I happened to have the right size too!) I'm very happy with mine; it's a good budget slider.

They just released the DryLin® W1040-B Linear Motion System for Camera Sliders - mini pre-drilled version, ready to go[$114] which comes pre-drilled with a 3/8-16 hole. The WS-10-40 Guide rail is 1,000mm / 1m (or about 1 yard for those still using Imperial units) and has a 1,079lb Static load rating / Assembly weight 2.8lbs

NOTE: I bought the DryLin® W16-A Linear Motion System for Camera Sliders[$159] which has a sturdier rail and carriage which has a 1,888lb Static load rating. Though I doubt my camera ever weighs that much.


H. Paul said...

Is this constructed from the exact same parts as Alastair Brown's Glidetrack (also in the U.K.)? I have that system, which lacks bearings and tends to get tight after a while. (He has started upgrading the carriage with bearings for the "HD" or heavy-duty line.) He of course charges quite a bit more, though he does have end caps (bases) which this product omits to its detriment.

Michael Murie said...

Igus is a supplier to Glidetrack. And yes, the Igus sliders are not the same as the Glidetrack models:

H. Paul said...

Michael, your statements are contradictory. I think you mean that the Igus sliders are not the same as the HD Hybrid Glidetrack, but are the same as the whole rest of the SD Glidetrack product line.

Michael Murie said...

I didn't right that clearly.

What I was trying to say was that they aren't the exact same item with different labels on them; the SD Glidetracks have end pieces for one thing.