Thursday, October 21, 2010

News from Here & There

Features for Final Cut
Philip Hodgetts looks at the the new iMovie and thinks about what of these features he'd like to see added to future releases of Final Cut. [Philip also doesn't think there will be an update to Final Cut until 2012]
Philip Hodgetts: Apple Keynote - Back to the Mac: Implications for Final Cut Pro

One manufacturers 3D hardware doesn't work with anothers...
Philip Johnston reports that the Samsung 3D LET-TV doesn't work with the Panasonic SDT750 3D Camcorder. I'm assuming he means he can't just plug one into the other, and I imagine that if he burned a 3D Blu-ray spec disc (assuming he has the software to) he could play it. Of course this is an extra step, and does suggest that it you want to buy one of these camcorders, you want to think about getting a Panasonic 3D TV as well.
HDWarrior: WARNING Samsung 55″ 3D LED TV not compatible with Panasonic’s SDT750 3D camcorder

Marshall 5" V-LCD50 HDMI review
Snehal Patel takes a look at the new Marshall monitor, he likes pretty much everything about it except for the battery life.
Fearless Productions BlogMarshall's new 5" HDMI monitor for DSLRs

What's up with the Hobbit?
The forthcoming prequel to Lord of the Rings has already gone through delays and problems with the studio, and now I guess there are union issues.
Freshly Ground: Breaking the Silence - Save the Hobbit

The end of TV News as we knew it
With people getting their news from so many different sources, the relevance of the nightly news is coming into question. Is the format even needed anymore?
TVNewsCheck: Are Evening Newscasts Headed For Shift?

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