Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A cool little "making of" video

Stillmotion Photo + Cinema was hired by Canon Canada to make an advertisement about a new service they are offering where they will turn a photo into an oil painting (using real oils and real artists!) Interesting.

But what I found particularly interesting is the making-of-video. I actually like it better than the commercial!
...we wanted to bring the viewer into the scene where they are hammering on the deck but to do that we had to get very low to the ground where the action was. one of the things i like most about the cinevate atlas30 is the ability to shoot underslung. we actually removed the legs and just rested the end blocks on apple boxes so that we can quickly go between standard and underslung mode throughout both shoot days.
There's a blog post explaining how the project was planned and shot, working with a slider, etc. There's some nice shots in there...

canon artworks behind the scenes from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Stillmotion blog: Artworks By Canon

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