Monday, November 14, 2011

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Does the high-end content Production market need a DSLR-style camera? Canon think so. We are not so sure | Tag Box Media | Blog
Thoughts on the Canon C300:
The DSLR-styling and lens-mount systems will please film-makers who have got used to working with these systems in recent months, but it strikes me that the main drivers for shooting the 5D and 7D DSLR’s (delivering quality that is ‘fit-for-purpose’ on a budget) are lost with the C300.

PluralEyes | The Twelve Films Project | Blog
A testimonial for PuralEyes:
My current sound guy had been telling to me to give it a try and, with about 10 hours of interviews for my new documentary staring me in the face, I went ahead and downloaded the free 30-day trial. I put all the audio/video on a timeline in Final Cut Pro, opened PluralEyes and hit the "synch" button. What would have taken me 20-30 minutes was done in 3 minutes. I was sold. I immediately went back to their site and spent the $150.

Modogrip | Kickstarter
A new Kickstarter campaign for handgrips and wheels for transforming a monopod into a dolly/rig/jib arm replacement:
What is Modogrip?
 Modogrip are handles and wheel mounts that transform a monopod into a do-it-all filmmaking tool. Allowing every videographer and filmmaker to capture steady camera shots, set up and film dolly moves in an instant and do out of this world boom shots that would normally require a jib arm/boom plus crew. And most importantly Modogrip is a all-in-one product and portable.

DSLR Sensor Sizes | LensProToGo | Vimeo
An explanation of how sensor size effects depth-of-field.

CNN Lays Off 50 Staff: Blames Technology | Nellie Andreeva | DeadlineHollywood
CNN says they don't need paid staff anymore, they can use iReporters:
CNN SVP Jack Womack explained they were caused by the ability for virtually anyone to edit and publish video on their computers, or search for background information online, and by the proliferation of viewer-generated video that is used more and more in professional news coverage, especially on breaking news.
A friend (who works in TV news) commented:
The CNN irony is iReporters have ruinied their chances of ever making $$ in TV news biz by giving it away 4 free

Sony Beyond HD | Facebook
Interested in the upcoming Sony F65 cinema camera? You might want to follow this Facebook page. They posted a roadmap today:
This is the Roadmap for the F65 record options and shows which frame rates will be available first. HD SStP is SRfile format recording. Select Fps removes the frame rate limits for both RAW and SRfile in April up to 60. High speed frame rates to 120 will be released in the summer.

Fire Aside, Other Kindles Also Shine | David Pogue | New York Times
David reviews the new Kindles (he's impressed by the continuing drop in price) and the Kindle Fire, which he says doesn't compare well with the iPad because it's primarily for consuming content, lacks a camera and microphone and:
Most problematic, though, the Fire does not have anything like the polish or speed of an iPad. You feel that $200 price tag with every swipe of your finger. Animations are sluggish and jerky — even the page turns that you’d think would be the pride of the Kindle team.

CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012 | Side-Line
It doesn't seem to be 100% confirmed, but CDs may die out before vinyl!!
The major labels plan to abandon the CD-format by the end of 2012 (or even earlier) and replace it with download/stream only releases via iTunes and related music services.

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