Sunday, June 27, 2010

News from Here & There

The "Psycho" shower scene
Steve North at reveals some interesting details about the Psycho shower scene, including the fact that Hitchcock "deceived" his audience by using a stand-in for Perkins when shooting the scene. The secrets of "Psycho's" shower scene

Charging for Content
Dynamo is a video distribution system/player - think YouTube - that lets producers charge users for watching their content. Users can either get a Dynamo account, or they can pay per video through PayPal. The Dynamo player can be embedded on any website, and the producer can set their own prices and get 70% of the income.
Whether users will want to pay for videos that way, rather than buy/rent them through larger services like iTunes and Amazon, remains to be scene. It probably depends upon the content producers they can attract.
Dynamo: About
neeteevee: Micropayments Made Easy By Embeddable Dynamo Player

iPhone 4 video transfer limited to 568x320
As I already discovered, video uploaded from the iPhone 4 to YouTube is heavily compressed (and reduced in size) when it's transferred over AT&T's network. The same thing happens when you email video, and it seems to do they same thing if you're on a wireless network too.
TUAW: YouTube uploads from iPhone 4 are downsized

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